Down in Amesbury there seems to be quite a few fun & exciting things coming up…
Danny Harrington @ the Powow River Grille, Thurs., 21st of May…
Swing over to the Amesbury pages to find more events around the Millyard
We try to cover not only specific Millyard communities but the happening areas in between, too. Take Portsmouth, N.H., for instance. About half way between two of our satellites(Amesbury & Dover) and usually something interesting happening about that town.
Steve Earle in an Acoustic Performance at the Portsmouth Music Hall, Thursday, May. 28. 2009, 8:00pm
 Then, the next night Leo Kotke plays at the South Church(also in Portsmouth)…
The music scene is really heating up around the Millyards!
Not Just Music!
Oh no! There’s alot more to do around the Millyards , up & down river!
How about a “Biodiversity Celebration” sponsored by Joppa Flats and Parker River Clean Water Association?
I’m telling you, for a person who loves to get outdoors and up close to Mother Nature, this sounds like a GREAT time just waiting to happen & a wonderful opportunity to get out for quality time with the kids!
Surf on over to the Amesbury Millyard pages to find out more!
To the north, along the coast and inland are some wonderful sites, sounds and tastes to be experienced and you can find out alot more by wandering over to the Dover Millyard Events pages
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